A Story from Andreas Jung & Tim Meyer-König:

"No Fullthrottle-Dives!!!"

In the flight instructions, Andy Clancy warns you, never to make dives with the throttle fully opened. First we thought, this was a little bit exagerrated, but meanwhile we have made our own experiences and we know, that you better watch out, doing steep and fast dives. Andreas once flew around with 10 cells in his battery, when a funny mood got a hold of him: He startet doing weird stunts and in the midth of this, he made the fullthrottledive. The rubber bands, holding the wing to the fuselage did not like this and suddenly started to bend, so the angle of attack changed rapidley. Even we heared the breaking of the wingribs, but luckily the Bee did not disassemble itself in the air. The results of the crash can be seen in the pictures below. Hints for stiffening the wing can be seen in our Building-Section.

No Fullthrottle-Dives!!! - 1 No Fullthrottle-Dives!!! - 2

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