A Story from Tim Meyer-König:


"Self designed floats"

We have great news from our self build floats, as discribed under Building. Together with the mounting brackets, they weigh about 200 gramms. It ist pretty much, but I'm working on a solution to reduce weight. Meanwhile, I'm testing vacuumlaminations, because until now, we had to use a lot of microbaloon-filler for the corners. But even with their high weight, the Bee flies great with them and now we are really infected with waterflying. Unfortunately there blew a relative strong wind for a Bee on her maiden flight, but I just had to know how the new floats would work. Takeoff, flying and landing were great, without any problems of capsizing, but after a few flights, my Bee was hit by a gust of wind, that got under her stabilizer while floating around. It just lifted her up and she slowly flipped over, until she was floating on her wing and the tips of the floats. Luckily, only the motor was dipped into the water, the rest stayed dry. We will inform you on our improvements!

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