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21. April 2001 Finaly time to update these pages:
On our Technics-page we have two new Bees,
but there are also three new stories on our Stories-page,
and a new Bee in our Gallery!
We have received (last year allready :-)) two Stagger Bees from Andy Clancy!!
Many thanks for these kits, we try to build at least one of them for this summer,
but our new jobs don't give us this much time.... we will see!
21. August 2000 Holiday is over, so lets get working. We have two new stories:
Stability- and Towingtests with a Bee-wing :o) and
Aerial Photography with a Bee
...and have a look at our new visiting card!
25. June 2000 Now we have a short story about the float-tests from Hans Hoffmann
and there is a new Bee in our Technical Section.
1. June 2000 Videos from Hans Hoffmann's float-tests are now online as Mpegs (~200kB)
and the Technical Section is now ready for the web.

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