A Story from Rolf Runar Bakke:

"Rolf's Model airplane videoclips -
Winning the fight against small MPG's"

(All clips are 352*288pixels, 25fps, high quality MPEG1)

The big Lazy Bee

Here is a movie about my big Lazy Bee. The wingspan is 182cm (72 in). Its powered by a OS FS70, whitch is enough to make the Bee go vertical! The servos, reciever and the battery is mounted in the tail to achieve the correct CG without using extra weight. The movie shows a lot of wild flying just above the ground and some offroad driving!!

Video (36MB !)

The Bee with bomb-bay

I have added a bomb-bay in my Lazy Bee. The door is actuated by a HS-422 servo modified to go 180 degrees. In the next movie you will se the following being dropped from the Bee:
  • One Roll of toiletpaper
  • One celluarphone in parachute (Turned off)
  • One emty Coca-Cola can
  • One 0.5 litre Cola-bottle filled with water.
    Fast! (added streamer for visibility)
  • Five paperchoppers
  • And finally 0.5 kg of paperstripes
    (Norwegian Modellers Newsletters)
This is a must see!!

Video (20MB !)

The Lazy Bee and fireworks

Some firework attatched to the bee!

Video-1 (4.3MB) Video-2 (4.4MB)

The Lazy Bee With onboard camera!

The camera was a Sony Hi8 camera attached to the underside of the left wing with a vibrationdampening mount. The Bee was laterally weight and drag ballanced with a Colabottle taped to the right wingtip

Thanks to Telekenneth for lending me his camera! I did tree testruns. During the last run i learned that I must keep full trottle during climbout and level flight. How I learned that? See for yourself!!! (last run ends with a crash due to low speed, small damages)

Video: 'the test runs' (8.4MB !)

After the minor fixes, I gave full trottle and flew about 8 mins without further mishaps, but the Bee was a bit unstable! The video was very sucessfull!! A must see!!

Video: 'the onboardcamera movie' (13.4MB !)

Big Lazy Bee in snow!

The movie first shows my new moussecan silencer. The engine is now altso softmounted and is now very quiet, especially on low trottle settings. Then some takeoffs and landings. There is about 10cm (4in) of snow, so the Bee struggles a bit! The Bee plowed its own runway with the propeller and the big wheels! There is lots of snow going through the propeller! Then I tried something new: I removed the wheels and let the bee takeoff and land on its belly! No need for ski's here! I worked best on hard snow. Warning! Contains offensive scenes! Not suitable for those who does not dare to run their engines at full trottle for more than 10 seconds, and espesially not in deep snow, with the snow flinging around the propeller and engine and probably into the engine through the carb! :-)

Video (25MB !)

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