A Story from Tom Croley:

"Lazy Bee Toothpicks"

Nobody likes to see pictures like this.

I was at the school yard one sunday afternoon having a wonderful flight. My Bee was performing very nicely and I was having a blast chasing sea gulls around the school yard. Then disaster struck. I was about 150 feet up and went into a power loop. Suddenly the front wing peg snapped off and the wing went fluttering off by itself. I quickly shut off the engine, but the plane tipped down into a vertical dive and hit the ground at high speed. This pictures shows the remains, the wing also unharmed is not pictured. I will be rebuilding it soon and using the same wing and tail section.

Moral of the story....always check your front peg and make sure it is secure. This is not my photo bee, it is still fine.

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