A Story from Toby Gaumann:

"Eagles don't like Lazy Bees..."

We were doing the first flight in a paddock just near our house. The Bee was flying well, although we only had direct drive, and were getting about 2 minute flights. We were just flying around, when on the 2nd flight, Disaster struck! A huge wedgetail eagle swooped in from one of the trees, his intention was clear: He was going to attack. The Eagles wingspan was about twice that of our extended wing Bee. Turning and heading straight for home, it was no contest. The eagle with his talons extended, swooped down on the defensless bee. He hit the top of the wing with a loud BANG. Fortunately the eagle decided not to ride his victim down to the ground, as they usually do. That then gave us a chance to return to base. The damage was extensive to the wing. Torn covering in about 6 places, and damaged ribs. We are considering fitting a machine gun to our bee before we return to that flying site, or maybe a camouflage paint job will do.

My Bee is now flying at safer sites!!

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