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This is the unofficial Website of the "Lazy Bee",
the best model airplane ever designed from "Clancy Aviation".

We started flying the Lazy Bee in Summer 1998, so you can say, we are some newcomers. But since then, we are infected by the "Lazy Bee Virus" and according to our calculations, it will spread even more, after this Homepage is designed. Andreas Jung is a student of physics in Braunschweig/Germany and really learnd flying with the Bee. Because he knows how to use his computer as well, he designed this homepage. Tim Meyer-König on the other hand, is a student of naval architecture in Duisburg/Germany. He flew many model airplanes before, but besides his good old "Hots", the Bee is his new favorite. Because he likes making little drawings, he is responsible for the looks of this homepage.

As always, you should notice, that a homepage is either not finished yet, or it is a bad one!

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